About BICA

Welcome to the BICA (Bend of Islands Conservation Association) website.

BICA was formed in the 1960s and helped save the Bend of Islands from being flooded to form the Yarra Brae Dam.

The Bend of Islands is located only 30km north east of Melbourne, Australia, adjacent to the Yarra River and about 20 minutes drive north of Eltham.  The area is zoned Special Use Zone 2 (Environmental Living) under the Shire of Nillumbik Planning Scheme and is unique in Australia.

Situated on 634 hectares of natural bushland, the area combines environmental conservation with residential use.  The zoning ensures that the flora and fauna are protected by strict regulations prohibiting the introduction of non-indigenous plants and the keeping of pets or livestock including cats, dogs, horses or cattle.

Powerful Owl. Photo: Frank Pierce.

Powerful Owl.

Members of our community care about the flora and fauna that live close to their houses. Protection of the environment and low impact residential development form the basis of the special planning provisions in the area.

The objectives of BICA are:

  • To preserve, nurture and encourage the diversity of the native flora and fauna of the area and its natural beauty, consistent with essential community needs, including fire precaution.
  • To nurture and encourage the diversity of the local flora and fauna and to promote community understanding of the local ecology and how to live in harmony with it through sharing of knowledge and experiences.
  • To associate and collaborate with other organizations whose aims are consistent with these objectives and to support, where appropriate, conservation activities in other areas.
  • To act for and on behalf of the membership individually or collectively in negotiations with public authorities, other organizations and individuals within the framework of these  objectives.
Slaty Helmet Orchid Corysanthes incurva Photo: Frank Pierce

Slaty Helmet Orchid (Corysanthes incurva)

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