Flora and Fauna

The plants and animals that live in the bushland of the Bend of Islands are a focus for much of BICA’s activity. Local residents learn more about the local wildlife through field days, meetings, the flora walks, the bird survey and special activities. Local residents record sightings of rare fauna using Locally Rare Native Vertebrate Fauna Record Form.

In April 2013, BICA launched the Land Management Plan for the Bend of Islands.  The Land Management Plan prepared by Dylan Osler and Karen Jolly provides a blueprint for all our conservation work in the Bend of Islands into the future.  The document beautifully describes the rich diversity of flora and fauna of the Bend of Islands; its significance and the importance of protecting it; how land management practices have impacted on it and the action that we should now take to continue to protect the area into the future.  These actions include focussed weed eradication and other works as well as initiatives to protect and enhance declining populations of significant flora.

In 2014 a small group developed the Implementation Strategy for Land Management Plan to assist residents to carry out the recommendations of the Land Management Plan.


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