Bend of Islands Plant List

Since the 1970s, numerous plant surveys have been carried out in Bend of Islands by various botanists and enthusiastic local naturalists. Given the diversity of sources and the time span over which the lists were compiled, in 2003 David Cameron, the Senior Botanist, Flora Database Curator & Threatened Species Officer, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) assisted BICA in compiling an up to date Plant List for Bend of Islands

David worked methodically through the list confirming the reliability of each record by checking the original lists and conferring with the botanists regarding any interesting records. Only those species which could be reliably confirmed as being recorded within Bend of Islands were included in the list. This time-consuming process ensured that we had a reliable plant list which now forms the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas plant list for Bend of Islands.

Since 2003, additional species have been recorded within the area and there have also been a number of taxonomic revisions. These have now been included within this list.

Plant taxonomy in the list follows the Census of Vascular Plants of Victoria (2014), with more recent taxonomic updates adopted in accordance with the Victorian Plant Name Index (Department of Environment and Primary Industries [DEPI], 2011) and the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (DEPI, 2014).

The total census for Bend of Islands stands at 721 species recorded: 510 indigenous taxa and 211 naturalised exotics.

The BICA Flora List is a fitting tribute to the contribution of Steve Craig. Steve’s enthusiasm and commitment helped facilitate many of the plant surveys.

Other Plant Lists for Bend of Islands

For convenience, the following lists have been extracted from the Bend of Islands Plant List