Fox Killing Copperhead Snake – Bend of Islands 2019

This footage was taken by Frank Pierce on 13th February just upstream the big dam on Yanakie.

The Big Walk May 2017

The BICA Big Walk took place on 27 May 2017.  They missed the hail but got wet and all survived the 19kms.  Eleven walkers and seven others enjoyed beer, wine and pizza at A Boy Named Sue in St Andrews.  A great day!

Wurundjeri sign unveiling March 2016

The Sign 3 20160318_147

A group of about 85 community members and guests attended a ceremony on 17 March to unveil an interpretative sign that acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Bend of Islands, some post-colonial history and collaboration between the Wurundjeri and the Bend of Islands Conservation Association (BICA). The sign is located opposite the CFA station at the intersection of Catani Blvd and Henley Road. Read more here

Dave Aunty Di Smoking 3 20160318_176

Aunty Di Cloak 2 20160318_186

The Canoe Run – February 2016 


It was a magnificent day with a large group enjoying the Bend of Islands on the Yarra.




There were some stars on the day!

Canoe run Feb 2016 0207_114217

The Big Walk – May 2015 – although a little wet a good time was had by one and all.

The Big walk 2015

Big walk participants – May 2015

The Big walk 2015 2

Clean Up Australia Day on Wurundjeri Land at Keilor – March 2015

Clean Up Aust Day 201503

Clean Up Aust Day 201503 1

BICA Canoe Run – February 2015

If a bunch of canoes is a caddle and kayaks a kaddle then we decided they must collectively be a dackle.

It looked like Murphy’s Law was to rule on Sunday morning Feb 1st, when the very pleasant sound of gentle rain on the roof in the early hours persisted! However, undaunted, a brave and enthusiastic first eleven hit the water and were rewarded with a break in the weather. Perfect for paddling though despite the lack of rain, for one reason or another over the three hours – going down the drink or taking on an unexplainable amount of water – a number of us ended up pretty wet! No matter.


The river was glorious and exciting. Tall, wild escarpments, gentle bends and reflections, heavy honey scent of what we thought was a eucalypt flower and rapids to negotiate. We’d set off late so Maree and young Wolfgang were very patient waiting on the bank to encourage us along.  A perfect picnic spot was found for a snack and the journey continued.


Special thanks to Russell Crosser and Luke Doyle who shared both their paddling expertise and wonderful knowledge of the river to make the adventure great fun and Rob Laughlin for a great launching place.

Thanks to all the paddlers (dacklers) and others who joined us later for a barbie. It was a great day.

Liz Mildenhall


BICA was selected as the joint winner of the “Sustainable Community Organisation Award”. The co-winner was the Farmer’s Market organisation.

Master of Ceremonies Rod Quantock read a glowing report on the achievements of BICA reflecting briefly on its past and listing a number of achievements from the past 12 months.


BICA PUB WALK – October 

On a pleasant October Sunday afternoon a garrulous group of us gathered at the fire shed all hyped up to step out in the good name of Bend of Islands pub appreciation subcommittee … (commonly known as the Pub Walk.)

We car pooled to Warrandyte, and 21 of us, set off downstream for Pound Bend. The weather was perfect and the way clear, except for a few city tourists and their dogs. We were soon on our own as the track deteriorated into a rock hop for a short time only to be replaced with bitumen and then gentle steps down to the Tunnel. We paused there to rest in the sun and to take in the history of the location. We then proceeded upstream beside the picnic grounds and past the very interesting Wurundjeri interpretative signs to a broad flat bush track.

We all walked at different speeds and, at times, were quite spread out, but no one took a false turning at the front nor got forgotten at the rear. You would not have found a more caring and considerate bunch.

As we turned away from the river bank and headed back towards Warrandyte, the pace seemed to pick up with thoughts of a cool beer, and we descended onto the Pub after about  two and a half hours.

Once refreshed and feeling very proud of ourselves, and in the company of others from the  bend who had driven down to join us, we enjoyed a pretty good pub meal together.

Only disappointment was the absence of Floss and Liz Mildenhall who had organised the whole event, only to be struck down with the flu.

A great day, appealing to all capabilities and ages.

Ross Henry

Pub walk

August 2014 News
Weed Control Work
Through Nillumbik’s Conservation Corridors (NCC) project, funded by a Communities for Nature grant, BICA has recently received more funding to continue to target key high-threat weeds which were establishing in difficult to access areas along the Yarra River Escarpment. The main weeds targeted are Bridal Creeper and Boneseed. It is fantastic that we are able to get on top of these environmental weeds before they become a massive management issue. If you have a weed issue on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact BICA to report it.

We have also received additional funding to contract a local arborist to fell the 12 Pine trees that remain on Ironbark road. The Pines will be felled and the debris will be cleaned up at our Landcare working bees.

Dunnart Survey
Dunnarts are small insectivorous mouse-sized marsupials which were historically found in our area. As part of NCC project, the Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative (RTBCC) are about to install 15 artificial habitat pavers at their next work party. The pavers will be positioned in two locations, one recently burnt area and another unburnt area of dry grassy forest. The pavers are placed over a base of pebbles, and if present, it is hoped dunnarts will choose to nest under them. Recent surveys in Christmas Hills have discovered dunnarts at six separate locations near the reservoir. We hope to rediscover them in our area again.

If you are interested in being involved or installing habitat pavers on your own property, you are very welcome to attend the work party to help install them and learn how. The work party will be on the 24th August at 9.30am on C track. Please contact us if you would like the supplies to set up your own and we can organise a bulk pickup at a later date.

August General Meeting 

BICA 2014 general meeting (2)