This month in the Bend

Saturday 2 September Firehouse Cinema – At the Fire station Catani Blvd near Henley Rd. 

Come to a night at the movies – a great community event. Firehouse Cinema is on next Saturday Night (Sept 2nd), in the Fire Shed. Gold coin donation for entry. BYO drinks/nibbles, blankets and cushions (if you wish).

This movie night will be different with no specific animated kids movie at 6.00pm. In place will be an old swashbuckler from the 1940’s. The kids might still enjoy it and the big kids can have some nostalgic fun.

The Spanish Main – 6.00 pm

Paul Henreid plays Van Horn a Dutch sailor shipwrecked off the coast of a Spanish settlement. The despicable governor of the colony (Walter Slezak) holds the crew and plans to sell them into slavery but sentences Van Horn to death but the crew escape.
Five years later, Van Horn is now a mysterious pirate sailing the ship, The Barracuda. He captures privileged Contessa Francisca Alvarado (Maureen O’Hara) who is on her way to marry governor even though she has never met him. He forces her into marriage with him. Over time both fall for each other as Van Horn is a gentle law abiding soul.

It looks glorious in colour, Henreid is a suave pirate, O’Hara is beautiful and Slezak puts in a scene stealing turn. There is a side plot with another female pirate tussling with Van Horn and Contessa to add to plot.

Beneath Hill 60 – 8.00 pm

This is an excellent war drama telling a fairly unknown true story of Oliver Woodward during World War One. I for one had never heard of Oliver Woodward until watching this movie. Yes, to some degree, I would compare it to ‘My Boy Jack” and even ‘Passchendale’ and actually ‘Tunnel Rats’ the Vietnam war drama springs more to mind.
There is also a love story thrown in for good measure and overall this is a very sensitive film with a surprise ending. The acting is superb throughout and the story fascinating in how it was told from beginning until the end.

For those who like their dose of war dramas, this is clearly one not to be missed.

Sunday 10 September 8.00am Bird walk  Meet at the corner of Henley Rd and Catani Blvd near the fire station. Bring binoculars if you have them, water and sturdy shoes.

Sunday 10 September – Art Event 2pm to 4pm

We are aiming for a relaxed event and would like to include artists (aspiring, emerging or established) of any persuasion. You may have an instrument/song that you would like to play, either formally or informally, a written/spoken piece you would like to showcase, or some artwork of any medium. It may be a drawing or a photo that you like, or a series of sculptures or paintings.
We aim for it to be a celebration of creativity, big or small.
“Artists can bring one or many pieces – there is plenty of space to hang/show artworks. Participants don’t even need to consider themselves as artists. They may have simply created something that they are prepared to show.
And artists don’t have to talk about their work if they don’t want to.
Weather permitting it will be indoors/outdoors with a fire pit, tea/coffee/mulled wine provided.”
Contact Emma and have a chat on 0419 113 884 or at to discuss your ideas for the day.


Wednesday 13 September – Committee meeting 8pm

Saturday 16 September – Cafe Benders 10am at the Fire station. 10am to 12noon. Cake and coffee for sale to support our Brigade. If you can, please bring a cake to share.  Cindy McLeish, Local member will be present to discuss issues with members of the community.

Sunday 17 September – Landcare – 9.30am meet at the corner of Catani Blvd and Henley Rd near the Fire shed. Dress to work. You can make a difference. Morning tea provided. Bring hats, water, gloves. Enquiries: Luke Doyle 9712 0902

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