The Environmental Living Zone
The Environmental Living Zone (ELZ) is a unique land use category that was set up, originally as an Interim Development Order, under the old Shire of Healesville’s planning scheme in 1976. The objective of the ELZ, as stated in that planning scheme is as follows.

Management controls will be implemented to maintain and enhance the positive environmental qualities of landscape, vegetation, habitat for flora and fauna, and to protect specific sensitive areas from damage to the natural systems, consistent with the maintenance of existing occupation. The ELZ provides for residential land use with active provision for maximum conservation of native wildlife.

The zoning requires:

  • Permits for any clearing
  • Planting of indigenous species only
  • Restriction of exotic planting to kitchen gardens
  • Exclusion of horses and other grazing animals to minimise intrusion and spread of exotic weeds and damage to the soil
  • Conditions to building permits to ensure that buildings have minimal impact, both ecologially and visual
  • Permits to be obtained for fencing
  • Exclusion of dogs and cats to minimise predation on native fauna

The provisions of the ELZ are in the Nillumbik Shire Council planning scheme. Refer here for other relevant Planning Scheme information including maps and overlays.


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